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Why Us?

Why Choose 14k Exchange Southgate

Throughout our 15+ years of experience, we have made it our goal to service every client's exchanging needs. With 14k Exchange Southgate, you'll never have to worry, and here's why:

  • Scared of Getting Ripped Off

    • We will appraise your item at a price that is better than our competitors. But how do you know that exactly?

    • Second, we buy and sell everything ourselves! We do not use any wholesale to third parties. By not using third parties, it allows us to have a lower price on our "For Sale Items" and allows us to give you the best possible price for the items you bring in. This means spending less money when buying, and getting more money when selling.

    • Third, if the item is valuable, but the market is down we will tell you that you should wait to sell this item. Market prices fluctuate and it may be better to wait and come back when we can give you more money for your item.

    • Online Store. We are proud to say that none of our images on our website are stock photos (photos commonly found on the internet). What you see on our website is exactly what is in our store. We also encourage you to come into our store to view any items that you want to see in person. Just show us the picture and we can find it for you.

  • No Obligations

    • When you bring us an item or want to shop our collection, you have no obligation to buy/sell to us. If you don't like our prices, we encourage you to price shop around! ​We want you to find the best possible price for your item. We encourage you to see first hand how great our prices are matched with other shops by looking at other stores around.

    • If we can't help you, we will put you to touch with another store that has what you're looking for.

  • Not sure if your item is real? Or what it's worth?

    • Good news! You don't have to know if it is real or not. That's what we are here for. Call us, Text us, or bring your item in for an appraisal and we can tell you what it's worth or if it's fake. 

  • Your Collection

    • Worried you're bringing in too much stuff? Don't be! Bring us those boxes you found while cleaning out the garage and we will go through every single item. There is no need to condense your collection to bring in.

    • To be a good neighbor, if you have a large collection please call ahead to give us a heads up so we can have more than one staff member assist you.

  • Security

    • You're safe with us. 14k is licensed insured and bonded. Moreover, our location is a brick and mortar facility with state of the art 24-hour surveillance and security measures in place. From the parking lot to inside the store, you and your possessions are safe on our property.

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