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3 Tips When Buying Jewelry

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

No one likes to overpay, especially when it comes to your hard-earned money. Today we will outline a few tips and tricks when it comes to jewelry shopping.

1. Avoiding Big Stores

Buying from a big box store is the most common way that people overpay for jewelry.

Big jewelry stores will wow you with their filled showcases and clean-dressed sales staff. However, how does this relate to the quality of the item? It DOESN’T.

Everyone has bills to pay, and big box stores are no different. They have to pay a lot of money towards rent, large staff, and high operating costs. They then pass this cost onto you, the consumer.

So that expensive engagement ring you’re thinking of buying, just be aware that the majority of what that ring costs is related to that business’ operating costs. It is not because the ring is of higher quality and standard. You can find the same quality items at other retailers.

2. Buying Used

As unfortunate as it is, situations arise where someone may find themselves having to sell one of their pieces of jewelry.

Buying a used piece, once again, does not diminish its quality. You may find a piece of used jewelry that is your partner’s desired style and is within your own budget.

Your dollar goes a lot further when buying something that has been used compared to buying something that is brand new.

3. Shop Around

It is always recommended to compare prices at different retail stores.

When dropping hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry, you don’t want to overpay and spend more than what it’s worth.

Following these 3 tips will prevent you from being taken advantage of when it comes to jewelry shopping.


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